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Hello! We have just released Substrate for Android, a project that we hope will be as interesting to that community as it has been for the last four years on iOS. However, please understand that our testing has so far only been "internal", and lots of things can go wrong "in the field": keep backups ;P. We encourage interested Android users to join our IRC channel, #android on


Remix Software

Extensions: the cool alternative to apps!
Modify behavior without patches or ROMs.

Substrate makes it easy to modify software, even without the source code, and in a way that allows users to easily choose which changes they want.

Developers support this by building their changes as "substrate extensions" that are loaded into all of the processes they want to take control of.

By using the provided API to make all changes in memory, multiple developers can safely adapt the same parts of the target program to their purposes.

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...for iOS

Supported on versions 2.0 through 9.1,
including second-generation AppleTV.

To install Substrate, you will need to "jailbreak" your device, as making changes to other software is not something that Apple normally allows.

Depending on your iOS version and device, you will need to use one of a few different jailbreaking tools such as redsn0w or evasi0n.

The various jailbreaking tools install Cydia Installer, which you can then use to install Substrate and any of thousands of Substrate extensions.

Check r/jailbreak Visit iPhone Wiki

...for Android

Supported on versions 2.3 through 4.3,
including Kindle Fire, CyanogenMod, and Intel.

While Android itself is "open", the devices that run it often aren't. Before installing Substrate, you will first need to get root access on your device.

Depending on which device you have, and which version of Android, this process differs; we therefore can't provide a simple recommendation.

Once you have root, you will need to install our APK, run the application, click Install, and grant Superuser access to Substrate when prompted.

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